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is a Northern Italy-based social art collective that operates in the field of public and social art, with a specific focus on urban spaces reactivation and community development. In 2017 DMAV has been included in The Independent Project by MAXXI Museum in Rome. In 2018 DMAV started the collaboration with Torino NESXT Art Network. In 2020 the book “Terraforma” about the first ten years of DMAV work has been published, written by Olga Gambari for Comunicarte Edizioni.

Our Vision 

DMAV creates immersive spaces in order to help the community to explore relations and to enhance a shared awareness. The vision involves the possibility of bringing beauty back in deserted places, generating a forms of social consciousness.


DMAV chooses to operate at the intersection between different media and techniques.

  • Installations in public spaces
  • Urban reactivation projects
  • Performances
  • Virtual reality and immersive digital experiences
  • Electronic Readings
  • Photographic incursions, lightboxes and dioramas
  • Video explorations
  • Mixed media interventions.


DMAV creates site specific works that enable a strong resonance with the environmental features. Different spaces involves different ways of interaction. In the last years DMAV worked in:

  • Places with a strong historical resonance
  • Abandoned and post-industrial plants
  • Forgotten city corners and neighborhoods
  • Spaces connected to sacred/profane short circuits
  • Art galleries and museums.

Community facilitation

Every DMAV intervention involves the activation of a continuous community dialogue.

The great expertise of the collective members in the use of facilitation techniques and non violent communication is a way to transform every installation and performance in a meeting between deep social dynamics, public needs and artistic disruptive works.

Recent projects

Flow, public performance, mixed media, body performances, theatrical machineries, baroque music. Pesaro, old town.
Numbers, lightboxes, large format photos, digital interactive machines, videos, public space interventions, different cities.

Minimalia, photographic dioramas to immersive spaces, to haunting performances. Large format photos, interactive spaces, meditative crypts, virtual reality experience, public electronic readings.
Doublin’, public art project in Trieste.

Terraforma, ten years retrospective project, mixed media in Galleria Moitre, Torino.

Further developments

  • Creation of Total Rooms: immersive spaces connected to the reflection on the digital overload
  • Performances: from digital reading to special events connected to the “character” of Babatwoosh, a digital mystic whose fictive persona was at the core of an experiential performance presented at Chiesa di San Francesco, in Udine.
  • Creation of immersive virtual reality experiences, connected to the development of Abecedario, a kind of dystopic encylopedia that involves the contribution of writers coming from different fields (literature, theatre, complexity studies, art).
  • Development of Radio Terraforma (www.radioterraforma.it) broadcasting art and community stories


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